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Land Management

Got Land?

Let us farm it for you!

We can rent or lease your land to farm and take the worry off of you!

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Row Crop Farming

Our goal is to produce the best yields while keeping the soil healthy. 

We utilize drainage techniques that keep excess water off soil surface, soil testing, and healthy fertilizer practices.

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Elevator - Baggett Grain

Our Grain Elevator

We buy, sell and store our own company's grain as well as buying grain from local farmers. 

The elevator sits directly on the North American Rail Line, CSX. 

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Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 4.47.01 PMAbout Baggett Farms

Baggett Grain is a privately owned and operated corporation lead by Mac Baggett Sr and family. The Baggett Family have been raising corn, soybean and wheat for over 30 years. They use their grain elevator for buying, selling and storing of their crops as well as the buying, selling and storing of local farmers in the Northern Middle Tennessee counties and Southern Kentucky Counties. Although, our interest extend beyond these areas!
Baggett Grain facilities are located about 30 miles north of Nashville in Springfield Tennessee. The elevator sits directly on the North American Rail Line, CSX. This rail line and private trucking are two ways Baggett Grain transport their grain.
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